The Icebreaker is a Tecorian’s first speech assignment.

Timing is 3-5 minutes
  1. To introduce yourself to your club members
  2. To prepare a speech based on material that you are familiar with.
  3. To complete your first assignment, gaining experience in speaking in front of an audience.
* You know yourself and your life better than anyone else. Your story is very familiar to you.
* Choose a few aspects of your life, to share with your club members.
* There are many things you could talk about, for example:
  • – A Short History of my Life
  • – What I Do (for a job, for a life, at school, during the day)
  • – Things I Have Done (at work, at school, in life, for fun)
  • – What I Want to Do (my ambitions)
  • – An Interesting Time in my Life

* It’s better to start your planning with lots of ideas. Create a list or mindmap of every idea about yourself you can think of. Select 2-3 of these, and use them in your Icebreaker speech.