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Hi! I’m Matthew Sampson

I’m one of the founders of Speakables, the newest Tecorians club in Darfield. I’m thirteen, almost fourteen, and I was in the Hornby club until we had the opportunity to set up a new Tecorians club in Darfield.
I have gained confidence in public speaking after I joined Tecorian Speakers. Some of my closest friends go to Speakables. I enjoy the fun and friendship there, and the humour of some of the speeches.
My grandmother, who goes to Speakables and Hornby Tecorians, thinks I enjoy the supper most, but I can prove her wrong.


Hi! I’m Petra Lammerink

I am the oldest member in the club and I have been in the club for 33 years.

It has been wonderful. I gained confidence by getting used to speaking to groups.

It has helped me with committee work in Citizens Advice Bureau, speaking to groups, and helping in the training committee.

The fun and friendship have been so important to me and still are.

The greatest achievement was speaking at my son’s funeral.

I hope to keep going for a while.


Hi! I’m John Park

Because my wife had been a member of Tecorian Speakers for many years, I decided to join the Hornby Club twelve years ago.

The skills I am learning from being a member of Tecorian Speakers are proving invaluable when I address meetings of local clubs and interest groups.


Hi! I’m Rosemary Walkington

I have enjoyed being a member of Hornby Tecorian Speakers for many years. I am now the secretary of our club.

I joined Tecorian Speakers as a new mother and the early skills I learned gave me the confidence to become president of the local Plunket Society. Since then I have been involved with a variety of organisations, with many opportunities for public speaking.

Our regular meetings are always interesting and varied; they include meeting procedure, speeches, workshops, impromptus and games. We learn from each other through listening and participating and there is always much fun and laughter.


Hi! I’m Julie Dunsmuire

Julie and her two sons, who are currently getting speech lessons from a Tecorian Speaker.

I joined Tecorian Speakers in 1999 because my new position at work involved being on a production team where priorities were discussed daily at a meeting with staff and managers.

Tecorian Speakers helped me because I needed to be able to think on my feet and be firm when putting my requests across.