T – Training
E- Education
C – Confidence
OR – Oracy
….TECORIAN Speakers!

Communication, Confidence, Learning, Laughter in a supportive environment. This is what Tecorian Speakers is all about.

Our meetings are based on public speaking. Gaining confidence when speaking in public is one of the main reasons why people join Tecorian Speakers.

But the true benefits? In our members’ own words:

‘Team Spirit, involvement, and friendship.’

‘The ability to recognise my own strengths.’

‘At work…being able to think on my feet and be firm when putting my requests across.’

‘Regular mental stimulus.’

‘Good fun, good friends, mental stimulation and challenge.’

‘I have always enjoyed talking, but Tecorian Speakers taught me to talk well.’

‘I now feel confident about participating in business meetings.’

We are always looking for new members! Click on your nearest
club to get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you.